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The Story Stream is an exciting and diverse library of age-appropriate and content-themed stories told by a collective of seven Singaporean storytellers.  Most of the stories are traditional folktales - what are often called 'wisdom' or 'value' tales - and the majority are of Asian origin. They are entertaining, but they also 'teach' in a very memorable way. The stories range in length from 5 - 20 minutes, so they are convenient and impactful.  Most of the stories are in English but we do have a growing  Mother Tongue collection.

All of us in the Story Stream team are professional tellers with considerable experience, including performances at international festivals.  While we miss the spontaneity and interactivity of telling to you live, telling to camera certainly has its own rewards - not least the intimacy of telling conversationally, and being able to share our expressions (plus any props or puppets when we use them) in clear close-up.

Every video has a free 60-second trailer to help you decide which stories you'd like to watch. 

 You can enjoy these stories on a pay-per-view basis, completely advert-free and without distraction.

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The Story Stream is offering a 20% (ie only $8 per class view) for all orders placed before 31st May 2021

All the stories for school viewing are offered under the NAC Arts Education Programme (AEP0420307) and are eligible for the 50% Totalisator Board subsidy. We are grateful for the support of the National Arts Council in the making of these story videos. 

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  • Experienced storytellers with international storytelling credentials.

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  • The content is chosen for its educational as well as its entertainment value.

  • Convenience – a rich resource of stories

  • Search by age-appropriateness, value and curriculum link.  You can find a tale that suits you quickly and confidently.

  • The Story Stream is offered under the NAC's ARTS EDUCATION PROGRAMME (AEP0420307) to schools.

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816JRA – Purakkalum Vedanum (The Pigeons and the Hunter) with Jeeva Raghunath

When we don’t listen to elders we always get into trouble . That’s what happened when a flock of pigeons were caught in a huge net. Did they escape? Did the Hunter sell them at the...

SWE605 – Senggutru

This story of   adventure and filial  piety  from Indonesia, features a brave and hard working young girl, her loving mother and a fearsome giant.  Will Senguttru and her mother ov...