On behalf of our collective of seven storytellers, I’m delighted to welcome you to our catalogue of stories. which we look forward to sharing with you!

The idea for the Story Stream emerged in the wake of the covid-19 lockdown, which put an end to our live performances as storytellers. We miss interacting with you, whether it’s in school, or at a library, a CC or a community event. Fortunately, the National Arts Council launched a digitisation project grant to encourage artists – especially those of us offering Arts Education programmes – to go on online, and the grant enabled us to professionally record and edit our favourite stories on video.

However, rather than work independently (and competitively!), we believe that by showcasing all our work in one catalogue, together, we can offer you – both teachers and parents – much greater choice and convenience. You can browse by age-group or search by theme or value to find the story that suits your kids/class – and given the number and range of our stories, we’re confident that you will! An added benefit is that the Stream may introduce you to a teller you have not watched before!

Another advantage of working together, is that economy of scale means we can subscribe to Streaming Video Provider (SVP) to manage the delivery of our videos. SVP guarantees you a secure, ad-free viewing experience, and automates the management of your viewing passcode, which counts down with each view. SVP also means that we can protect our intellectual property, as the videos are encrypted to prevent unauthorised duplication.

The catalogue will continue to grow as we add more stories – and possibly more tellers! – in the months ahead. We are excited to offer these stories and hope that you will enjoy riding the Story Stream with us!

Roger Jenkins.