About us

The Story Stream was born of seven Singaporean storytellers desire to keep sharing our stories with you, our audience. We want you to continue to benefit from having us share powerful stories with you and your children – whether it is in your classroom or your living room! While recording our stories means we lose much of the interactive quality that can make storytelling such fun, the intimacy we gain when directly addressing the camera offers compensating factors – you’ll see our expressions and often puppets and props, really clearly close-up, and our style becomes more conversational and personal too.

We have formed this Storytellers’ collective in order to offer you in one place – the Story Stream – an exciting and diverse catalogue of age-appropriate and content-themed stories. We believe that, by collaborating, we can offer you a delightfully diverse choice of stories – in terms of age-appropriateness, themes and styles of performance – as well as the convenience of browsing on one site. Collaborating also means we can share the costs of subscribing to a state-of-the art video provider service that offers you a a secure, advert-free, buffer-free experience, while protecting our intellectual property from illegal use. We are grateful for the support of the National Arts Council in recording these videos.

You can find out more about our Story Stream team on our individual pages:

Jumaini Ariff Karen Lee Kalah Rajesh
Roger Jenkins Rani Kanna Sheila Wee
Wong Swee Yean

If you want to contact a teller in order to arrange a live performance or workshop, please use the Teller Booking Request form