Bi-lingual Collection: ENGLISH- MANDARIN

The Story Stream features 9 stories told bi-lingually with ROGER JENKINS telling with a partner speaking in Mandarin (ABBY LAI KA HEI), Malay (GENE SHA RUDYN) and Tamil (GRACE KALAISELVI).  The stories are mostly traditional folktales and drawn from the respective culture. The stories were created with the help of a Self Employed Persons Grant scheme funded by Singapore's National Arts Council


The Cypress Tree: (to watch click here) a traditional folktale asking an ecological question: To whom does nature belong? A pedlar teaches a greedy merchant to be more generous. Roger and Abby use puppets to play a host of supporting characters including shoppers, a judge - and a noisy dog!

Is it Good or Bad?  This popular wisdom tale comes from the steppes of Mongolia. A man’s prize horse runs off – but is this the terrible thing his neighbours think it is?

How to Build Your House:  three very short stories – by turn comical and inspirational – about building a house (and what your approach to construction says about you!) The first story is allegedly from China, but the second and third are not. But they fit together beautifully!

  • The Story Stream catalogue also features three additional stories told by Roger and Abby, as well as Wong Swee Yean telling in Mandarin  A sample story from Swee Yean is also included in the Bilingual (Mandarin) playlist for you to enjoy. If you would like to see more of such stories, please purchase a voucher for 12, 25 or 60 views  of the entire Story Stream catalogue.  The Story Stream has almost 100 stories in four different age categories from pre-school to teenagers.

Abby Lai Ka Hei  is a theatre practitioner well-versed in both English and Chinese. Her past theatre works includes 《四马路》, 《雨季》and 《老九》. Abby also facilitates Chinese enrichment classes for primary and secondary school students.  

Roger Jenkins is a storyteller, theatre practitioner and audio-book narrator. He is a Founding Director of FEAST (Federation of Asian Storytellers).   He enjoys telling in tandem with other tellers and the Story Stream also features stories incorporating sign language with his hearing-impaired telling partner, Gophi Nathan. 




The Story Stream 包含了9个双语故事,由Roger Jenkins 搭配友人以华语 (ABBY LAI KA HEI), 马来语 (GENE SHA RUDYN) 和淡米尔语 (GRACE KALAISELVI)来呈现。这些故事源自于他们各自的传统文化和民间故事。在此也感谢Singapore National Arts Council的鼎力支持。

柏树:这个传统民间故事提出了一个问题:大自然是属于谁的?一个小贩教会了贪心的商人要有一颗慷慨的心。Roger和Abby利用布偶来呈现一个个角色,例如行人,官人 - 和一只小狗!

是好是坏?这是一个来自蒙古的智慧故事。一个人的宝马跑走了 - 但这未必是一件坏事?

如何建房子: 三个趣味小故事,都关于建筑 (和你对于建立自己人生的反思)第一个故事据说来自中国,另外两个故事来自别处。不过它们都与彼此息息相关!

The Story Stream 不止包含了Roger和Abby的三个故事,也包括两位新加坡华语故事 Wong Swee Yean. 你能在这个链接找到Karen和Swee Yean的华语故事。若你想观看更多,请购买12, 25或60阅读次数的配套。The Story Stream有大约100个故事,适合不同年龄层 (从幼儿到中学).