The Story Stream features 9 stories told bi-lingually with ROGER JENKINS telling with a partner speaking in Mandarin (ABBY LAI KA HEI), Malay (GENE SHA RUDYN) and Tamil (GRACE KALAISELVI).  The stories are mostly traditional folktales and drawn from the respective culture. The stories were created with the help of a Self Employed Persons Grant scheme funded by Singapore's National Arts Council



  • The Last Laddoo    This is a comical classic from India, in which a quarrelsome couple argue over the last delicious dessert (the laddoo) and play ’the one who speaks first, loses’ – with most unexpected consequences!  I first heard this story at a story swap organised by FEAST (the Federation of Asian Storytellers - ) and the story is featured in their first anthology of Asian folktales, A Feast of Stories (published in 2018 and available in pdf form  the FEAST Store for only SGD$4)
  • One Grain of Rice     A famous Indian folktale about a foolish King, a wise farmgirl – and the power of binary maths!
  • The Cracked Pot       Two pots – one new and always full, the other old and leaking. What use is something that isn’t perfect? An inspirational story (aren't we all 'cracked' in some way too?)

Grace Kalaiselvi
is a freelance theatre actor, director, educator, storyteller, translator and writer. She initiated and is a member of Brown Voices, a playwriting collective. 

The Story Stream also features 13 more stories told in Tamil by Singaporeans Rani Kanna and Kalah Rajesh and the internationally popular Indian teller, Jeeva Raghunath. Sample stories from each of them are included in this playlist for you to enjoy. If you would like to see more of their stories, please purchase a voucher for 12, 25 or 60 views  of the entire Story Stream catalogue.



Grace Kalaiselvi

கிரேஸ் கலைச்செல்வி ஒரு ஃப்ரீலான்ஸ் நாடக நடிகர், இயக்குனர், கல்வியாளர், கதைசொல்லி, மொழிபெயர்ப்பாளர் மற்றும் எழுத்தாளர் ஆவார். பிரவுன் வொய்ச்ஸ் எங்கிற ஒரு நாடகம் எழுதும் குழுவினை  தொடங்கியதுடன் உறுப்பினராகவும் உள்ளார்.