How to book a SCHOOL VIEW package?

THE STORY STREAM is a digital exposure programme of the NAC-AEP (AEP0420307) offered by Roger Jenkins Storyteller, and featuring pre-recorded stories told by Singaporean storytellers. 

In order to enable e-invoicing (as opposed to paying out of your own pocket!) teachers should complete the PURCHASE ORDER REQUEST FORM.   Apart from your school information , the critical information we need is how many views  you wish to purchase.  

  • NOTE : one view equals one class. If five classes watch one video simultaneously that equals five views; if they watch it independently, that also counts as five views. Five classes watch three videos? 15 views.
  • Complimentary views: To enable teachers to collectively preview a video/s in preparation for screening in class time, we offer complimentary views (10% of your order rounded up; order 44 views and receive 5 free views).
  • The Story Stream uses Streaming Video Provider, which is committed to having a 99.9% monthly uptime for its servers. We apologise if you wish to view any of our videos during one of their rare server downtimes.  If you encounter any difficulties viewing, please inform us with the date and time that you were denied access.

What happens after I submit the PO Request?

When we receive your purchase order request, Story Stream will email you an actual PO, specifying the total cost and the school licence terms,  for the school to sign and confirm.

Upon receipt of your confirmed PO, the Story Stream will email you  your pass. This will enable any teacher with the code to start viewing the videos. Each view automatically counts down the tally of remaining views, ensuring that the school will never be charged for accidental additional views.

The school will then receive an e–invoice from ROGER JENKINS STORYTELLER, the vendor approved by the NAC to offer the Story Stream, once you start using the passcodes. 

All video views ordered in this way from the Story Stream are eligible for the NAC-AEP  Tote Board 50% subsidy.

If you have any questions:


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