How to view a story at HOME

Click on the orange see full video button on a story you want to see.  You will be given the option to:

a) Either enter a passcode if you have it

b) or purchase a pack of views. The packs range in size from 7 videos (our Sampler) to 20/50/100 views. The cost per view decreases dramatically with the larger subscription. Click on MORE INFO on each package for the full details.  You can use Pay Now (via the Hitpay gateway option) - our preferred payment method for Singapore-based viewers, or via Paypal/Credit Card/Stripe (for international viewers).

You will receive your passcode upon confirmation of payment, enabling you to view any video in the catalogue almost instantly.

Once you start to watch a video with your pass code, your pass automatically counts it as a view and reduces by one your tally of remaining views.

NOTE: the Home-view licence is for use by a family. Screening a story at a family reunion is fine, but setting up a projector to screen it outside your home for your street party is not! (Ask for a community licence – see below!)

Your HOME VIEW PASS comes in packs of

  • PADDLER:    22 views – pass valid 60 days* – 90cts per view
  • WADER:        50 views – valid for 180 days* – 80cts per view
  • SWIMMER: 100 views valid for 365 days* – 70cts per view

(*redemption of all views or expiry date, whichever comes first.)

The Story Stream uses Streaming Video Provider, which is committed to having a 99.9% monthly uptime for its servers. We apologise if you wish to view any of our videos during one of their rare server downtimes.  

To know how to find and view a video and purchase a pass, please view the short video above.

How can you find a suitable video?

  • Either: Browse our Library.  Every story has a free-to-see 60-second trailer. 
  • Or use the search filter to look for a story in one of these ways:
  1. By age-group (Preschool; Lower Primary, Upper Primary; Secondary
  2. By individual teller
  3. By value or theme.
  4. By title