Jumaini Ariff, storyteller

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Jumaini Ariff is a children’s book author and a prominent storyteller in the Singapore Malay literary scene. She is known for her unique persona; ‘Nek Selampit’ and has participated in numerous national language and cultural campaigns as well as local and international storytelling festivals. ‘Nek Selampit’ is highly energetic and is able to enthral audiences both young and old with her performances. She champions Asian folktales, fables and legends in the Malay language.

Through STORYSCRIBBLERS, a business which she founded in 2015, Jumaini and her team provide fun and engaging language programmes based on the books she has authored, speech and drama and storytelling workshops for primary and secondary students. In 2017, Jumaini became the first storyteller to be recognised for her efforts in reviving the love towards Malay Language and was appointed as a Malay Language Ambassador/Duta Bahasa Singapura. Since then, she has worked with various institutions to pique the interest of pre-school and primary school children in Malay through the art of storytelling.

“A good story can take you on a fantastic journey” – Walt Disney
My other (AEP) Arts Education Programmes

Bengkel Ekspresi Diri Melalui Penceritaan V 2.0/ Express
Yourself through Storytelling V 2.0 (Upper Primary)
Outline of programme:
Students will be introduced to storytelling as a medium of self-expression. Working in groups, students will explore storytelling skills such as voice control, facial and body expressions, stage presence, eye contact, characterization and pacing. They will also be immersed and be fully engaged in story based activities that will encourage them to
verbalise and express in the Malay Language. Students will experience crafting an original tale using story guidelines in small groups. At the end of the session, students will have a turn to present their dramatized storytelling performance to their peers.

Bengkel Jaguh Cerita/ Mighty Tellers Storytelling
Programme (Lower & Upper Primary – Lower Secondary)

Outline of programme: CLICK HERE!
Mighty Tellers is an exposure programme for students to learn the basic art form of storytelling. Guidance is given to help students to adapt fables and retell them through the employment of characterization, voice mechanics, facial and body expressions. In the workshop, students will also be encouraged to improvise and experiment with scenarios and stories. Students will also build confidence in the command of language (Malay and English) as they will be describing the characters displayed by the trainer.

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