Karen Lee, storyteller

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As a teacher, Karen has been worked extensively with children of all ages from preschools to primary and secondary schools. She started her journey as a storyteller using stories to engage children with learning difficulties. She discovered that storytelling is an amazing way to unlock the children’s imagination and bring them into a world of stories. Since then, she has been telling stories, in both English and Chinese, to the young and young at heart.

Karen has performed at storytelling festivals in Malaysia and India. She is proud to be part of the local storytelling festivals such as the 398.2 Storytelling Festival and the AKT Multilingual Storytelling Festival, bringing the joy of stories to local audiences. She has also told stories in the community, at schools and with various non-profit organisations like Children’s Cancer Foundation, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, Focus on the Family.

She has worked with seniors, helping them to craft and tell their personal stories. She especially enjoys working with children – engaging them in the storytelling process, developing their expression and building up their confidence.

She believes that stories are like bridges, connecting people regardless of their language, age and ability.

“Words are what we think, Stories are how we link.”
– Christina Baldwin
My other Arts Education Programmes:

Play Along Tales (AEP0418946) – Storytelling in English/Malay/Chinese
Storytelling programme for pre-schoolers that includes songs, chants, rhymes and fingerplay

Let’s Play with Stories (AEP0419625)
Storytelling programme for pre-schoolers with a prop-making activity as a follow-on to the stories.

If you would like to book me for a performance or to conduct a workshop, please use the Storyteller Request form