MAKE ME A STORYTELLER is the digital version of Roger Jenkins course that encourages participants to practice the essential skill of being able to tell a story. Far from being something 'just for kids', storytelling is a valuable communication skill in many careers, that enables you to communicate, to bond and encourage people not only to listen to you but to remember (and even act upon!) what you have said.  The videos complement the live zoom sessions and the practical storytelling activities.

  1. Storytelling as a lifeskill
  2. What kind of stories do we tell - and why? 
  3. There was man - a simple story to hear, say and learn!
  4. How to remember a story - storyboarding The Stone-cutter
  5. Enhancing your telling - using all your senses (a demonstration based on Ma Liang & the Magic Paintbrush
  6. Varying your voice - characterising Hare and Tortoise
  7. Telling with Tangrams - going visual. A telling of The Boy with a Very Long Name!
  8. A Tale from the Treasure Box