Our Malay Collection

Currently Story Stream features one teller telling in Malay, JUMAINI ARIFF.  Please see the tags for each story to identify stories suited to your particular age-group.

From the Belly of the Carp

The 1995 Singapore Literature Prize winner gets a different treatment as author Roger Jenkins shares some of the poetic monologues accompanied by illustrations drawn by artist Bidd...

JAR143 Anugerah Teristimewa

What makes a good leader? Is it wealth or courage to dream and work hard for a better future? A story of how a dying village chieftain tries to sieve out the best young man in the ...

JAR104 Dua Ekor Kambing

What do you think will happen when two goats refuse give way while crossing on a bridge? A whole lot of mess for sure! Here's a 'tell-along' story where viewers can simply follow b...

JAR102 Sang Kancil Yang Tidak Pernah Putus Asa

Sang Kancil who has a ‘never give-up’ attitude and is hoping to have the juicy fruits across the river for breakfast! How will he get there since he can’t swim?

JAR141 Seperti Si Cawan Kosong

Eisuke thinks he is the epitome of brilliance after mastering philosophy. However, little does he know that he is going to be schooled by a centenarian on the essence of knowledge ...

JAR101 Nek Beruang Lapar

Nek Beruang wakes up hungry but she couldn’t find anything to eat. A chipmunk takes pity on her, sharing his stash of nuts and is surprised with a special gift in return.