Our Mandarin Collection

Currently Story Stream features two tellers telling in Mandarin, KAREN LEE and Wong SWEE YEAN. Karen focuses on pre-school and lower primary; Swee Yean has stories for all four age levels. 

There are also some bi-lingual tellings (told in Mandarin and English) Featuring Lim Ka Hei  and Roger Jenkins

Please see the tags for each story to identify stories suited to your particular age-group.

WSY731 大力士巴当 Badang (in Chinese)

新加坡国家博物馆展示一块“新加坡石“。根据古老的传说,这块石头是14世纪的勇士巴当抛掷到河口的。 教师指南 大力士巴当FINAL

WSY706 大象和蜜蜂 Elephants and Bees (in Chinese)

大象的鼻子是长的或短的?大家来听泰国民间故事就知道了! 教师指南 大象和蜜蜂FINAL

KLE205 小甲虫美丽的外衣 How Beetle Got Its Colours (in Chinese)

巴西甲虫的外壳都是五颜六色、频分色彩。可是很很久以前,小甲虫不是那么漂亮的。小甲虫是怎么变美丽的呢?小甲虫通过自己的本领赢得一套美丽的外衣。 Resource pdf: 资源与活动 - 小甲虫的外衣...

RJE 477 Bi-lingual How to Become A Dragon (English/Mandarin)

How to Become a Dragon? A little fish with a big dream outwits the guardian at the gate. Plus a short BONUS STORY: a comic tale of two people (one is an alien, the other a Singapor...


"Why wait for a rabbit to run into a tree?" is a famous Chinese proverb. What does it mean – and what is the story behind it? Roger teams up with the animated Abby Lai to dramatise...

RJE475 Bi-lingual Baby Snake and Baby Frog (English/Mandarin subtitles)

Roger (Baby Frog) and Abby (Baby Snake) have terrific chemistry and their playful interaction animates this powerful fable. Lots of dialogue (and a repetitive story structure) make...