Our Mandarin Collection

Currently Story Stream features two tellers telling in Mandarin, KAREN LEE and Wong SWEE YEAN. Karen focuses on pre-school and lower primary; Swee Yean has stories for all four age levels. 

There are also some bi-lingual tellings (told in Mandarin and English) Featuring Lim Ka Hei  and Roger Jenkins

Please see the tags for each story to identify stories suited to your particular age-group.

From the Belly of the Carp

The 1995 Singapore Literature Prize winner gets a different treatment as author Roger Jenkins shares some of the poetic monologues accompanied by illustrations drawn by artist Bidd...

WSY731 大力士巴当 Badang (in Chinese)

新加坡国家博物馆展示一块“新加坡石“。根据古老的传说,这块石头是14世纪的勇士巴当抛掷到河口的。 教师指南 大力士巴当FINAL

WSY706 大象和蜜蜂 Elephants and Bees (in Chinese)

大象的鼻子是长的或短的?大家来听泰国民间故事就知道了! 教师指南 大象和蜜蜂FINAL

RJE 477 Bi-lingual How to Become A Dragon (English/Mandarin)

How to Become a Dragon? A little fish with a big dream outwits the guardian at the gate. Plus a short BONUS STORY: a comic tale of two people (one is an alien, the other a Singapor...


"Why wait for a rabbit to run into a tree?" is a famous Chinese proverb. What does it mean – and what is the story behind it? Roger teams up with the animated Abby Lai to dramatise...

RJE475 Bi-lingual Baby Snake and Baby Frog (English/Mandarin subtitles)

Roger (Baby Frog) and Abby (Baby Snake) have terrific chemistry and their playful interaction animates this powerful fable. Lots of dialogue (and a repetitive story structure) make...