Telling with Objects – a story demo

I demonstrate telling a story with an object - a bottle cap/ thisi s based on Bottle Cap by Jay Yeh in Taiwan Note in this story I use trhe bottle cap as . . a bottle cap, and d...

NJAB02 The Benefits of Telling a Story

Roger addresses five ways in which storytelling benefits a child (or listener):  sharing values; developing language/literacy skills; helping the listener to to visualise and devel...

NJAB031 Bedtime stories

Hmmm - this collection is called  "Not Just at Bedtime", right?  Bedtime is a natural time to tell stories to help wind the kids down (but its not the only time!) Iyt's a time when...

NJAB032 Telling at Breakfast

A story to start the day? Yes! A great way to a healthy mind! Use a story to help your child face the day - a mindset for dealing with a test or a big football game against a tough...

NJAB033 Telling at Dinner time

Stories at dinner often revolve around personal stories - about what has happened to us during the day. How do we shape those stories to share them effectively? What are the challe...

NJAB034 Telling in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to share stories - a bonus activity while your child is helping prep the meal or baking cookies! Whether its sharing family recipes, or the stories beh...

NJAB035 Telling on Holiday

Travelling overseas is  an exciting adventure but it can also be a challenging experience because things look, taste and are done differently from what we are used to at home. Roge...

NJAB04 Compelling Telling

How do you make your story come alive?  I demonstrate six ingredients that I add to my narration in order to help my audience visualise what is happening. Research shows that liste...

NJAB06 Involving your Child

Storytelling is naturally a more interactive way of sharing a story than reading - it feels less like an interruption when you ask a child to supply a detail when you're telling, r...

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NOT JUST AT BEDTIME is a comprehensive and entertaining introduction to the art of storytelling by international award-winning storyteller, ROGER JENKINS.

Since so much of the essence of storytelling is in your voice and in the non-verbal elements of communication (your facial expressions, gestures)  you'll find a video is far more effective than a book when iy comes to demonstrating the art of making a story come alive. With his trademark humour and warm, conversational style, Roger not only shares 16 stories along the way (in a wide variety of styles and for different purposes) but offers you lots of tips, techniques and strategies to help you make storytelling more effective and engaging. With a total run time of 2hr 17 minutes, NOT JUST AT BEDTIME is an excellent introduction for parents and teachers  who want to feel more confident when the cry goes up: Tell us a story! 

Note   Your Not Just At Bedtime pass ($20) gives you unlimited views and access to ALL THE VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE. Your pass is valid until 31st December 2021.  
(* Not Just At Bedtime is not part of the Arts Education Programme and as such views of it are not eligible for Totalisator Board subsidy)

  • 1  Telling vs Reading
  • 2  Benefits of Storytelling
  • 3.1 Telling at Bedtime
  • 3.2 Stories over Breakfast
  • 3.3  Telling at Dinner time
  • 3.4 Stories in the Kitchen
  • 3.5 Stories for the Holidays
  • 4    Compelling Telling - how to make your story more engaging
  • 5    Sequencing a Story (helping you remember!)
  • 6   Involving your Child
  • 7   Ways of Telling