Community, Non-profit or Institutional packages

If you wish to arrange viewing in a setting other than the Home or a School (eg at a child-care centre, for a non-profit organisation, or a Community Centre) please contact us

What we need to know:

  1. Tell us about your organisation (especially if it is a community or non-profit)
  2. How many views you require? 
  3. What is the likely size of audience per view?

We will tailor a package just for you. For example, it may suit your event to have unlimited views but restrict them to a short time period (eg a weekend for a Carnival or Open House.)  If you like, we can also restrict the age level of videos that can be viewed with your pass - eg only to those in our pre-school library.  


How can I search for a suitable video?

Browse the library.  Every story has a free-to-see 60-second trailer.  Or use the search filter to look for a story in one of these ways:

  1. By age-group (Preschool; Lower Primary, Upper Primary; Secondary
  2. By individual teller
  3. By value or theme.