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Disability access

These videos are provided for AFCC participants to view in relation to the panel discussion on Making Books Accessible.  They are free to view but Brave Parrot and Climbing the Mountain require the access code provided during the panel discussion. (The Story Stream videos featuring Gophi in the right hand column require the purchase of a pay-per-view pass from the Story Stream that starts at $10)

You can also listen to my audio description of the highly entertaining short film THE PITCH , which I audio described for SRT/Pangdemonium/Wild Rice.  You can hear both my pre-show description as well as watch the video with the audio described soundtrack added.

Please note that the audio description which I provide for Gophi performing Climbing the Mountain in the clip taken from Youtube was recorded before I trained as an audio describer.  I was simply demonstrating to the audience at the Story Carnival@Enabling Village the nature of audio description. In the video I play it first with audio only, then with video restores so you can see Gophi and hear my description. For the third version - how Gophi likes to perform it, with dizi accompaniment specially composed/performed by Joyce Poh - see the third video. 

The fourth video (from youtube) is a recording of a reading of the wonderful illustrated children's book THUKPA FOR ALL by Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt , illustrations by Shilpa Ranade. Wan Wai Yee who reads the (blind) child protagonist's part is herself blind, and my role is to audio-describe the beautiful illustrations for the audience. (as such my text is my own, but Wai Yee and Alice Bianchi-Clark are reading the actual authors' text)  The performance was for the Enabling Village and several members of our zoom audience were vision-impaired. 


Story Stream videos with GOPHI NATHAN

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Gophi for many years. He is my third tandem telling partner - after Dennis Tan and Ramesh Meyyappan - and it is always a pleasure working with him and exploring how to tell ac story in a more visual way


RJE455 Pithyas and Damon: a legendary friendship

This legend from ancient Greece tells the story of two friends on holiday. Pithyas gets into trouble and faces the death penalty. He accepts his punishment but asks the King that h...

RJE433 How to Share a Blanket

Does your older sibling treat you fairly?! Almost universally, the answer is NO! In this Indian folktale, two brothers make an agreement to share the three things they inherit in t...

RJE430 The Brave Little Parrot

A huge forest fire in South America and one brave little bird does what it can to try to put it out.  Its selfless act inspires one of the gods - transformed into an eagle - to int...

RJE435 The Stone-cutter

A stone-cutter bows down before the King as his Majesty rides by on his elephant . . . and the stone-cutter, thinking even an elephant has a better life than himself, wishes that h...

All Good Things, a 30-minute Lower Primary assembly

Four stories that run a fraction over 30 minutes. Tongue Meat - the importance of saying good things (not just speaking good English! Climbing the Mountain - a celebration ...