Playlist Collections

Apart from arranging our stories by age-appropriateness, we have also created a number of other groupings to make browsing, or accessing, a particular group of stories more convenient.

  • There are Mother Tongue pages (Malay, Mandarin and Tamil) as well as a page for stories featuring sign language (which deserves consideration as a national language if Singapore wants to be truly inclusive!) 

  • a full-length assembly programme: Stories for Ourselves

  • three NAC AEP experience programmes ('workshops') that are offered digitally with a mix of live zoom sessions and the pre-recorded videos uploaded here: 

  1. Make Me a Poet!

  2. Make Me a Storyteller!

  3. Writing Riveting Stories

  • a Storytelling Training programme, NOT JUST AT BEDTIME, designed for parents and teachers, consisting of 11 videos totalling over two hours,