Roger Jenkins Storyteller : INDIA 2023

I am delighted to make my first visit to Bhubaneswar to perform in BHUFESTO 2023 (14 - 17 January 2023.  This marks my first visit to India since 2019, when I performed at the Visakhapatnam Junio literary Festival, the Kolkata Storytelling Festival and the Bengaluru Story Festival, as well as conducting teacher workshops in Delhi.   

Apart from performing in Bhufesto, I hope to be able to perform in schools/colleges prior to the festival


For ages 6- 9, 10 - 12, or 13 - 21
Duration  30 mins or 45 mins per session
Content : traditional stories , wisdom tales.  Integrity, co-operation/teamwork, tolerance, justice are popular themes but I am open to dialogue with a school and tailoring the performance to suit your needs.
Style:  highly interactive / lots of audience participation (with younger age group), visual, some use of puppets

Max audience size   300
Fee: 30 min  12,000Rps  / 45 min  15,000Rps.   
          For a 2nd performance  (and more?!) at a school on the same day:  10,000 / 12,500 Rps  (It doesn't matter if the subsequent shows are a different length from the 1st show - they still count as a second show) 


Essential Storytelling

(for ages 7 - 12) learn two stories and explore how to become more vocally and visually expressive (using gesture, mime and facial expressions)   60 minutes  Fee: 24,000Rps

Sharing Personal Stories (ages 13+)

Why tell stories? what stories to tell (eg think school or job interview!) How to shape your experience into a short compelling story.  (60 minutes) Fee 24,000Rps

Storytelling in the Classroom - a workshop for teachers (90 minutes)

The content will be tailored to primary or secondary as appropriate for the school. It is intended for language, humanities and character education teachers,  It addresses finding and learning appropriate stories, ways of telling and building engagement with the class as you tell. how to integrate a story into your lesson (start, middle or end?!) A handout will also address pre- and post telling activities   Fee 35,000Rps

About me:

ROGER JENKINS is a Singaporean and has been a professional storyteller since 1998. A former drama teacher, he is a popular performer/trainer in schools, libraries, organisations and at community events, thanks to his spontaneous, comedic, and often participatory, style.

He won the Best Storyteller Award at the 16th Kanoon International Storytelling Festival (Iran, 2013) He has performed at Festivals and schools in Bahrain, Beijing, Bangkok, Chennai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, KL, Kolkata, Kuching, Manila, Nairobi, Penang, Saigon, Shanghai, Vishakapatnam and on the fringe of the Edinburgh Festival.He is the founder-director of the 398.2 Storytelling Festival in Singapore, which he launched in 2015, and co-founder of FEAST, the Federation of Asian Storytellers (2018-present)

In 2012 he published the popular and practical Stories for Values Education in two volumes (Juniors and Teens). He won the 1995 Singapore Literature Prize for an anthology of poems, From the Belly of the Carp.

“My storytelling draws on my love of Asia (I’ve lived here since 1978) my theatre background, my improvised comedy experience, and my pleasure in poetry and the spoken word.”  

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