School PURCHASE ORDER : Request Form

In order to for your school to pay by e-invoice, please complete this Purchase Order request form to indicate the number of views you require. Note: one class equals one view. If 10 classes view a video simultaneously, that still counts as 10 views. 

The Story Stream will email the school a Purchase Order specifying the total cost of your order (at $10/view) for your school to approve (sign/stamp.) Upon receipt of the signed PO, we will issue the passcode to enable your teacher(s) to start viewing the video(s) immediately.

An e-invoice (for Ministry of Education schools) or invoice (for private/international schools) will then be issued by Roger Jenkins Pte Ltd, the vendor authorised by the National Arts Council under the Arts Education Programme to offer the Story Stream. If your school uses the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme, then all videos booked in this way will be eligible for the AEP 50% Totalisator Board subsidy.  

The number of views equals the number of classes viewing each video. Whether the classes view a video simultaneously or in their own time, each class counts as one view. 10 classes watching 3 videos = 30 views.

If you know which story video(s) you wish your classes to view, please list the video number (eg JRA101) and we will provide the direct link to the video in your purchase confirmation