Stories For Ourselves

We tell ourselves stories all the time. Unfortunately most of the stories we tell ourselves are negative: limiting stories that affect our mood, behaviour, relationships and our fu...

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“To be human is to have a story to tell” – Isak Dinesen

People use Stories to connect because stories capture our audience’s attention.  But we also tell stories to ourselves. Unfortunately these stories are negative and affect our mood, our behaviour, our social interactions and our future possibilities.

  • I am not good enough.
  • I can’t sing/do maths/play football . . .
  • What if I make a mistake like last time?
  • She’s so much better/cleverer/prettier than me . . .
  • My life’s boring. It’ll be better/different once I leave school . . .

The performance runs 29 minutes 55 seconds.  Roger uses Masks to comically characterise types of negative (and positive!) responses to unexpected situations as a way to introduce the topic before sharing several stories of positive thinking:

  • An egg, a carrot and some coffee beans
  • The Black Dot Test
  • Empty Cup Mind
  • My Right Foot
  • The Trouble Tree
  • The General who wanted a change

Student survey responses to the programme: 

  • I learnt that I can change myself, I don’t need to put a big goal. I can put a small goal - like today I will read my textbook. Then I can celebrate that small accomplishment and make slightly bigger and bigger goals, then celebrate them when I achieve them.
  • I learnt that many of the times we think others are judging us, it's just us harshly judging ourselves
  • Everyone is unique in their own way and we should think positively and believe in ourselves. :)
  • I learnt that we need to be positive and we start by taking small steps and telling ourselves that WE CAN
  • Treat mistakes as a learning experience
  • We must tell positive stories to ourselves so as to pave the road to success. (P.S: Really enjoyed the video!! This has really inspired me to change my life and thoughts❤️)


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  • $20 per class view (ie 20% discount) for any view from Class #21 onwards. 
    (* Stories for Ourselves is part of the Arts Education Programme and as such it is eligible for Totalisator Board subsidy)

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