Story Catalogue

The stories in the catalogue are grouped according to these four age levels. Some stories naturally to cater to two levels and can be found in both (eg pre-school/lower primary, or upper primary/secondary).

The videos you will see in these pages are 60-second trailers that are free-to-view. You are welcome to share them.

A prompt to purchase a passcode, or to enter a code if you have already purchased one, accompanies each video.

Each video has its own ID based on a number and three initials :

Jumaini Ariff JAR100-199
Karen Lee KLE200-299
Kalah Rajesh KRA300-399
Roger Jenkins RJE400-499
Rani Kanna RKA500-599
Sheila Wee SWE600-699
Wong Swee Yean WSY700-799
(currently each teller has between 5 -35 stories in the catalogue)

You can search for stories by their ID, the teller, title, age-appropriateness, or its values or theme (eg friendship, integrity, special needs)





Use any of these terms in the search engine to find the story you are looking for