Using the Story Stream

We offer three kinds of pay-per-view licence depending on where you will view our stories: in SCHOOL, at HOME, or in a COMMUNITY/NON-PROFIT/ORGANISATIONAL setting.

Home viewing is pre-paid with a purchase of a pack of views. School and Community/Organisational viewing is post-paid: simply send us a Purchase Order Request form and we will customise a package of views for you.


The stories in our Library are categorised into four age-appropriate bands: Pre-School, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary. You can also search for stories by title, by teller, or by tags relating to values (eg: Integrity, teamwork, kindness) topics (such as problem-solving, bullying, global warming, special needs) or special features (like puppets, song, or language, for we also have Mother Tongue speakers telling stories in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.) Almost all the stories are traditional folktales, and most are from Asia; occasionally we share an original story from a book with the author’s permission.

You can preview every story via its free-to-view 60-second trailer. Please note that the trailers are at a much lower resolution than the HD version you are paying to view.

When you want to enjoy the whole story, click on the orange See Full Video button and you will be brought to the full-length video. Choose:

  • If you have already have a ticket, enter your passcode to start watching.
  • Purchase a pack of views from one of the PAY NOW options (click the More Info tab on each icon for details of the number of views and the duration of each pass.)