This story was my first signature tale when I began my professional career. It’s fun to revisit it bilingually with my good friend GENE SHA RUDYN as this version of the story comes from Malaysia. There’s a thirsty little chicken and a very hungry (though not very clever) crocodile¬† who, fortunately for her (and the chicken!) has a very wise monitor lizard¬† for a friend. Givven the terrific interactive participation possibilities of the story, I’ve always used some sign language to represent the various animals, which means that parts of this story are told tr-lingually (you’ll see me ‘interpreting’ crocodile when she goes on a rant about why she thinks chicken is not her little sister!

The video comes with a Health Warning: Eating your younger sibling (no matter how irritating they are!) is hazardous to their health (and yours!)

The video is one of a series of bilingual stories told in Malay/English

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