In this marvellously comical tale, Father of Aloi – the unlikely hero of many Sarawak folktales – is sent to hunt for food by Mother of Aloi. Despite his shortcomings as a husband and a Dad, Father of Aloi is an excellent hunter – and soon discovers a flock of birds. With his drugged darts he soon captures a lot. To many in fact to carry, so he ties the birds to his waist – and then takes a nap before returning home. While he sleeps the drug wears off and the birds wake up . . . and Father of Aloi is no longer dreaming of flying!

This story is one of a series of beloved folktales told bilingually. Other Malay tales are

  • Gecko Can’t sleep
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You can find Roger telling folktales with Abby Lai Ka Hei (Mandarin)

and with Grace Kalaiselvi (Tamil)