The 1995 Singapore Literature Prize winner gets a different treatment as author Roger Jenkins shares some of the poetic monologues accompanied by illustrations drawn by artist Biddy Low. Several of the characters are voiced appropriately in Mandarin*, Malay and Tamil by Abby Lai Ka Hei, Gene Sha Rudyn and Grace Kalaiselvi (all are subtitled) who generously donated their time and talent to add their voices to the Singapore River Voices. (* The Chinese characters from the early years would more likely have used dialect.)

Roger collaborates with these three expressive actors on a series of Beloved Bilingual Tales (which are also suited for lower primary viewers) which you can also view for free here:

A sigfned copy of the book, together with video of Roger reading 25 of the poetic monologues, is available from the author for SGD$20 including local postage. Email