This is part of a BI-LINGUAL  ENGLISH-MALAY Storytelling playlist Рclick on the SEE FULL VIDEO button and the title of the 3 videos (plus two complimentary stories) will appear and you can choose which ones you want to see.

The first three feature Roger and Gene in videos that were created with the support of the National Arts Council.

Two additional videos feature Jumaini Ariff, (who has 13 stories told in Malay here on the Story Stream) and Gophi Nathan, who is hearing-impaired, telling The Stonecutter in sign language. (Gene and Roger also incorporate sign language as a visual clue to te story sequence, in their delightful version of Don’t Eat Your Little Sister! )¬† These two stories are provided free as samples.

Roger and Gene Sha Rudyn tell the popular Balinese eco-tale GECKO CANB’T SLEEP bilingually in English and Malay. Roger is the harrassed Village Chief and Gene metamorphoses from Gecko to fireflies, woodpecker, frogs, dung beetle and water buffalo – and back again! A fun story with a powerful message about the inter-connectedness of all things. And Gene shares a traditional Malay kids song at the end!