The story video above is deliberately broken into sections to allow for the teacher to involve the class directly with the story felt board. The sequence of where and how each piece is placed is not critical and open to the kids choice, within the sequence set up by Roger. (My phone did not actually interrupt me! This is just a ‘device’ to get me to leave the scene while you encourage the kids to play!) Title screens tell you when to pause and restart the video. Mendaki is  delighted to provide all the centres with this beautiful storyboard felt set that consists of 45 pieces, including the large background (105 x 75cms) The colours are vibrant and the cut-outs are a comfortable size for small hands to pick up an manipulate. It comes with two suction hooks so you can hang it on your wall for a truly interactive experience.

The video below was filmed before we received the actual storyfelts and is designed as a DEMONSTRATIOON FOR TEACHERS with direct address by Roger, drawing attention to how you can involve the kids in almost every aspect of the story, which also features some specially created visuals of rubbish – the pollution which is making the sea dirty! roger also highlights how you can engage them with animation and sounds Roger demonstrates how to involve the children

The story is adapted from an original story by Andrew Wright which he developed with young kids learning English as a second language (in Storytelling with Children)


For the pre-activity, a 3 minute soundscape created by Dylan Jenkins is  an evocative trigger for free mcreative movement and Roger talks you through its possibilities. Here is the audio only (music for movement) soundscape. You are welcome to download the mp3 file and play it on your own device  Undersea Score Mendaki

This is the soundscape with video of divers, crabs, fish, turtle, stingrays, sea-horse, shark, and roger’s narration which teacher’s can use as a guide vocal trackTh

This is the music soundscape together with Roger’s audio narration overlaid (exactly what you can hear on the video above.)  You are welcome to download the mp3 file and play it on your own device  undersea music + audio narration guide track

Here is a summary of the story and notes on the pre- and post-telling activities: Mendaki Raikan Ilmu Interactive Storytelling proposal Kindergarten