This story,  which had been recrafted from the Sejarah Malayu (Malay Annals), takes in a wide sweep of Asia. From India, to Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,
China, Indonesia before coming back to Singapore at the naming of our nation. The story of Rajah Suran is part legend, part myth, part trickster tale; the marvellous story about Singapore that very few here know of.

  • Suitable for:  Upper Primary, secondary,  post secondary
  • Themes: The need for defence, peace-making, using intelligence rather than physical strength, the founding of Singapore
  • Teaching Guide: The teaching guide gives ideas for post story activities; discussion ideas and activities that can be used to learn this story (or any story) effectively

Sheila’s recrafting of this story has been published in the following books.

  • Royals Wise and … Otherwise: a Collection of 27 Asian Ready-to-Tell  Folktales,  Federation of Asian Storytellers, 2019
  • A River of Stories: Tales and Poems from Across the Commonwealth. Commonwealth Education Trust Books, 2011.
  • The Singing Top: Tales from Malaysia Singapore and Brunei, Margaret Read MacDonald, Libraries Unlimited, 2008.
  • The World of Asian Stories, Cathy Spagnoli, Tulika  Publishers, India, 2007.

Teaching Guide to Rajah Suran