Does your older sibling treat you fairly?! Almost universally, the answer is NO! In this Indian folktale, two brothers make an agreement to share the three things they inherit in their poor father’s will – a blanket, a mango tree and the milk cow. Although Ali (the younger) thinks his older bro Rashid is being generous, he soon discovers he’s been cheated out of everything! How can he turn the tables on his scheming brother?

This is a tandem performance featuring the talented mime artist GOPHI NATHAN as the younger, and Roger Jenkins as the older brother (with puppets as their wise Aunty neighbour and their cow!) As a deaf artist, Gophi uses sign language, which Roger voices on his behalf.  The performance is an excellent example of inclusion, and the focus is very much on Gophi’s talent – and the teamwork between these two good actor/friends – hence the video is not tagged for special needs or disability.

Teachers! Some ideas for pre- and post-viewing activities, as well as related resources  Resource how to share blanket