A stone-cutter bows down before the King as his Majesty rides by on his elephant . . . and the stone-cutter, thinking even an elephant has a better life than himself, wishes that he might become the elephant. His wish is granted – but the elephant’s life is not perfect, setting off a series of wishes as the stone-cutter transforms into an ever-more powerful form.¬† But just when when he thinks has become The Most Powerful Thing on Earth, there is a surprising twist in the tale!

This is effectively a solo mime by the highly entertaining GOPHI NATHAN, with Gophi’s sign language (Gophi is deaf) voiced by the unseen Roger Jenkins.¬† Gophi introduces the viewer to six key signs in the story (elephant. King, sun, wind, Mountain and stone-cutter) as well as two key phrases which viewers are encouraged to spot and practice as the story unfolds.

Teachers! Some ideas for pre- and post-viewing activities, as well as related resources  Resource stonecutter