Six blind men have each formed a different impression of what an elephant is, based on what they’ve heard. When each man gets to feel a different part of an actual elephant (body, trunk, tusk, ear, leg, tail) do you think that’s going to give them a better understanding of what an elephant actually is? A very simple story with a profound message about point of view, perception and problem-solving!  The story (10 minutes) is followed by a Reflection in which Roger poses 5 questions relating the story to the disagreements which often arise when people have completely different points of view.

Roger has created a resource pdf of ideas for pre- and post-viewing discussion Resource t6 blind men. However, the Reflection which immediately follows the story in the video, raises some key discussion points (or at least, questions which appeal to Roger! In the spirit of the story, he realises that there are many different choices to discuss!)