This legend from ancient Greece tells the story of two friends on holiday. Pithyas gets into trouble and faces the death penalty. He accepts his punishment but asks the King that he might first return home and say farewell to his family.  He promises to return – but asks Damon to stay in his place, even though it means Damon would be executed in his place should Pithyas fail to return in 100 days. (If you were in Damon’s shoes, would you?!) Well, 98 . . 99 . . 100 days pass . . . and now Damon must go to his death. An exciting story about the bonds of friendship!

Roger Jenkins (as the cruel King Dionysius) teams up with his long-time tandem-telling partner, GOPHI NATHAN who plays the hot-tempered (pro-Athenian democracy activist!) Pithyas. Damon is a  large, marvellously bearded, glove puppet! This is a good example of story theatre with lots of dialogue and action, set against backdrops of Greek ruins.

There is a resource pdf compiled by Roger wit questions for pre- and post-viewing discussion.  Resource Pithyas and Damon