This is the first video in a series which complement Roger Jenkins digital delivery of his WRITING RIVETUING STORIES workshop

  1. Playing with an umbrella as a way to generate random ingredients
  2. The Story Dice
  3. Scaffolding a new story from a folktale – The Gunniwolf
  4. Stranded is a multi-session group storymaking activity
  5. Stranded: Day 2
  6. Stranded Day 3 (the days are imaginary not actual calendar days for running the session!)
  7. Stranded Day 4 (Rescue)
  8. Stranded Back Home
  9. WRS Synonyms for went
  10. WRS Say NO to said
  11. WRS Photos 4 Portraits characters
  12. WRS Photo starters 2 – Describing WRS Photo starters 1
  13. WRS Photo 3 describing objects
  14. WRS Do a Doodle story starter
  15. dpg creative writiing stranded prompts