WRITING RIVETING STORIES  is the digital version of Roger Jenkins course that encourages participants to explore a variety of poetry styles with a focus on encouraging honesty and specific detail without thinking about rhyme(though it that occurs in the process, that's fine!) 

Roger won the 1995 Singapore Literature Prize for his debut collection of poems, From the Belly off the Carp, an anthology of monologues spoken by historical characters (some factual, mostly fictional) connected to the Singapore River, charting Singapore's history in a series of Chaucerian-like portraits. 

WRITING RIVETING STORIES  is endorsed by the NAC's Arts Education Programme and as such its use is eligible for Totalisator Board subsidy)

The videos in the workshop complement the live zoom sessions as well as practical writing which is encouraged throughout. 

  1.  Rolling the Story Dice  (8 sets of custom-made story dice are included in the course fee)
  2. Playing with an umbrella: lets improvise with an umbrella before we start writing.
  3. Scaffolding a new story from an old one - Roger tells The Gunniwolf
  4. 4A  STRANDED! - set up the premise of a desert island drama.
  5. 4B  STRANDED! - some thought on naming things on your island/map
  6. STRANDED! - Day 2. Exploring your island
  7. STRANDED! - Day 3. More island adventures
  8. STRANDED! - Day 4. Rescued at last!
  9. STRANDED! - Meeting the World's Press to share your story